Youth Boulder Cup in Bleau

IFSC Climbing World Cup Puurs 2013
Rocks@Antwerpen and Drytool at Klimax

19 October 2013

Party and Afterwards a Competition

The day before Monday 21 October 2013, my mom said that I had to write my article. So that was the day after the competition and now I start typing. Friday, the day before the competition, I went to a party. My mom’s cousin turned 50 and his children organised a rock-‘n-roll party, so everybody was dressed up. My bother photographed the girls who were all wearing long dresses with flared polka-dotted skirts. It wasn’t late before I was in bed, at 12 o’clock we were in our beds. I wasn’t tired.

19/10/2013 I Could Sleep Late Anyway

I didn’t have to wake up too early, because the competition started in the afternoon. Luckily, otherwise I couldn’t have gone to the party. I really wasn’t tired. So, my mom had enough time to make me pasta. I could still help the C and B, because I arrived too early. For them, it started in the morning. I had to wait some time before I could register. I had already seen a few boulders I surely wanted to try. But they were too difficult. I was eager to try, although I don’t really like these boulder competitions. I don’t like them so much because they are too chaotic, but I really felt like climbing. If you see everyone climbing, you really want to climb yourself.

Only 6 Left to Climb

There were 30 routes. I started climbing all the easy routes. So only the difficult ones were left over. It was hard to finally climb some more. After a lot of trying, I started having some fun. I like figuring out difficult problems. In the pink route on the vertical wall, I fell all the time at the last move. This was a push-up move and I couldn’t do it the way it is supposed to be. My arms had been sore for three days. Route 24 traversed and ended on the vertical wall with a small roof in between. The most difficult part of the route was from the roof to the vertical wall. It was a shoulder move and it was easier if you were smaller.

The Podium

Simple, there was no podium.

The results were not called, they were only posted.
C male: Aiko 3rd, Jasper 4th ex aequo, Mats 6th and Ties 9th
C female: Charlène 2nd ex aequo with Rafflesia, Lotte 5th
B male: Bram 11th
B female: Elfe 1st, Laure-Anne and Cathinka 4th ex aequo
A male: Manolo 8th, Nicolas 10th, Arno 16th and Robbe 21st
A female: Céci 1st, Héllo 2nd, Maëlys 3rd, Adèle 4th
Juniors male: Jasper 4th, Tim 5th, Jan 14th
Team ranking: Klimax 2nd


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