A Little Trip around the Corner

Recap of the Last 3 Years
Climbing during Lockdown

You don’t always have to go to the end of the world to find some adventurous new things to do. Sometimes you only have to go just around the corner for inspiration to hit you and let it take you down its road.

Take a little peek at my adventure last weekend.

I can say that my dad and I are a little bit crazy (the good kind of crazy). Together, we prepared the garage and laughed along the way. My brother helped film the whole thing and my mom was sure to keep me warm with dry towels.

It was the first warm weekend of the corona lockdown but despite that, I was still very cold (there is no sun in our garage). I think we made a lot of people laugh. First, everyone who walked past our garage and saw me sitting in a canoe rowing on the tiled floor. Then, our neighbours from the other side of the road who can see into the garage door from their living room. And last but not least, all the people who watched this YouTube video.

Have fun and enjoy a good laugh!