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Amazing Lash Non Compete Agreement

As a general rule, a non-competition clause applies: 1. must be appropriate, 2.) be extremely detailed, 3.) can only apply to employees, NOT stand tenants or independent contractors (if you do not pay their taxes on labour – they are self-employed) “I applied to a trade show, but the landlord wants me to sign their non-competition clause! Do you want me to do it? I often get this question. The answer is simple: “It depends.” My wife is an independent contractor for an eyelash studio in Virginia. It offers eyelash extensions that can be between $100 and $300/set. The size and growth of this industry is amazing, as I was amazed by some of the paychecks it brought home. Very low salary for a licensed beautician or beautician. $8.00/hour, a dollar increase is offered if you can reduce your full time to 1.5 hours – unrealistic for most clients and promotes rushed and messy work. A full set is $80, with the way the commission works, you can earn $13 of your two hours of hard work if you`re lucky. You must sign a non-competition clause for one year and 50 miles. Your % commission is shared 50/50 with the receptionists at the reception, and you lose your entire commission if you miss a single working day during the month, excused or inexcused.

These include retail contests where you may have sold products worth up to $700. Extremely un professional management, apparently with no previous experience in managing anyone or anything. Only half eyelashes for employees vs. free like most other sites and other eyelash studios. It doesn`t matter, but I couldn`t even afford half the poverty wages I earned. The customer reality is not pushed, it will change your customer with anyone, so that you are constantly working on the work of others. (13+ other eyelashes) If a frustrated customer has storage issues, it is VERY difficult to locate and fix the cause. Eyelash glue sucks. I`ll just say it. I don`t know if it`s intentional or if the follow-up instructions they push don`t fit well (probably), but almost all of my clients have had retention issues, no matter what formed eyelashes they`ve seen. You treat all employees like thieves and lock up all the provisions to do your job (Kleberinge, disposable applicators, tape), so you have to move people to the front desk to pick up all the supplies you have exhausted. The reception is responsible for filling your eyelash pallets at the end of each day, but often this task is forgotten or they are short of lengths of eyelashes needed for a long time.

Probably specific to my location, but they implemented a 5 $US cleaning fee contract (which turned out to be illegal) that they had all invited to sign because they had problems with a tenacious employee who openly refused to clean their room at the end of their service.